Divorce and Mediation Services

Let us help navigate you through this challenging time, and minimize the turmoil on yourself and your family.

A couple is seeking divorce and mediation services
An individual is seeking divorce services

Divorce Services

We offer the following services and programs:

  • Counseling & Therapy for Children & Adults
  • Educational & Supportive Group Programs
  • Court Mandated Parenting Classes
  • Self-Initiated Parenting Classes
  • Supportive Group Programs for Children & Teens
Couple Counseling Colorado

Mediation Services

Conciliation is the use of an impartial person to help make informed decisions and develop mutually acceptable agreements. The process is inexpensive and empowers people to solve their problems on their own, without expensive legal fees.

  • Seperation or Dissolution
  • Parenting Agreements
  • Custody Issues
  • Business Disputes

We have extensive experience in addressing the educational, emotional, social, and behavioral challenges that children and adolescents experience.

What To Expect

Our intake team will match you with a counselor to meet your needs.

We can see you this week! Our therapy sessions are covered by most major insurance, Medicaid, and Medicare, and we have affordable self-pay rates.

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