Court-Ordered Classes

Mindfully, formerly known as Nancy Lowrie and Associates, provides the highest quality group and individual classes that meet court-mandated requirements. Our courses include DUI (drug and alcohol), theft (shoplifting), anger management, and domestic violence. 

Change your life with Mindfully’s group and individual classes, led by our experienced, skilled counselors.

Note: All classes must be pre-paid before attending.

Court-Ordered Classes
Court-Ordered Classes

Voluntary and Court-Ordered Classes

Anger Management (3-hour class): $375

Domestic Violence (3-hour class): $380

Alcohol Education (3-hour class): $300

Individual Substance Use Assessment with Level of Care Recommendation (2-hour): $350

Parenting (4-hour class): $325

Theft (1.5 hour class): $250

A group of women and men are taking Court-Ordered Classes

Voluntary Classes

Parent Education for 1 Parent (2-hour class): $200

Parent Education for both parents (couples class) (2-hour class): $350

DOT-SAP – Includes 2 X 1-hour appointments: $750

(More than 2 SAP appointments: $110 for each additional)

Department of Transportation / Substance Abuse Professional (DOT/SAP)

We evaluate employees who have violated a Department of Transportation drug and alcohol regulation.  A recommendation is then made for treatment or education that the employee must complete prior to returning to DOT safety-sensitive duties.  Finally, we also provide training for DOT/SAP professionals, MRO’s and DER’s.

Group of people sitting through a group counseling or crisis counseling session together

For Employers

Mental Health Evaluation for Employers & Law Enforcement (initial 1-hour class + 2-hour class) $400

What To Expect

Attend our high-quality classes in our comfortable and conveniently located offices.  Join a group or participate one-on-one.  Receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

All classes must be pre-paid before attending.

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